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Coloring Coarse Yaki and Light Yaki Textures: Is it safe?

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Although beautiful, yaki textures are a special breed when it comes to human hair extensions. I often get a lot of maintenance questions when it comes to coarse yaki hair and light yaki hair. Truthfully I give the same tips when it comes to yaki textures that I give with virgin hair textures. It needs moisture, sealed wefts, and a good heat protectant. So what makes it special? Coarse yaki and light yaki textures are steamed processed for that beautiful coarse texture that we love. So when it comes to coloring them I am extra careful. They can be colored...

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How To Save Thousands of Dollars By Maintaining Your Virgin Hair Extensions

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Let’s face it; virgin hair extensions are truly an investment. An install can cost anywhere from $300 to $1000 including the virgin hair extensions and paying a stylist for the service. That’s the ultimate reason why we offer premium, durable, and long lasting hair. Our premium virgin hair lasts for at least a year with proper maintenance. We don’t feel as if you should have to purchase new hair every time you want a new install. Virgin hair extensions should be able to be reused and through back to back installs. So let’s talk maintenance. Virgin Hair Is Human Hair...

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Coloring Virgin Hair Extensions: To bleach or not to bleach?

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We all love to add color to our virgin hair extensions especially when the weather starts to warm up. Spring and summer is definitely a good time to experiment with different colors and hues and go lighter on our hair extensions. I mean, we want to not only look beautiful we want to have fun with our virgin hair as well. But some wonder if it is a good idea to risk damaging your hair extensions by coloring them. Well there are a few things to consider and we will discuss them in this article Is it Safe to Color Virgin Hair...

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