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Celeb Look Of The Week

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So here at Nicole Noire we occasionally like to post celeb looks of the week. These are the celebs whose style (both hair and fashion) we admire. Our chosen celeb this week is Solange Knowles. Her style is truly unique and fearless and she makes it all her own. We could follow Solange from her days of braids back when her sister Beyonce was apart of Destiny's Child to now, but she has really been making headlines in the fashion industry recently. There have been both positive and negative sentiments (mainly about her gorgeous natural hair) but Solange always seems unbothered....

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5 Reasons to Wear Virgin Human Hair Extensions

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Virgin human hair extensions are very popular today among women and for a variety of reasons. Human hair extensions give women new flexibility in styling options that are also realistic and long lasting. In this article we will give you the top 5 reasons to wear virgin human hair extensions. Protective Hair Styling Virgin human hair extensions are a great way to protect your own hair from manipulation. I personally use virgin hair extensions to protect my hair from heat damage because I have a hard time staying away from heat styling. Protective styling with hair extensions can prevent heat damage,...

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Coarse Yaki and Light Yaki: What is the difference?

coarse yaki erotic coil human hair extensions kinky bliss kinky curly hair light yaki relaxed romance virgin human hair

                                  Textured hair extensions are more sought than ever especially with more women joining the natural hair movement. Many women that are new to wearing textured human hair extensions often want to know the difference between coarse yaki and light yaki. When it comes to deciding between the two it really boils down to how much texture you really want. It also depends on which texture will match your own natural hair. What is Light Yaki Human Hair? Light yaki is named appropriately because...

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Why Does Kinky Curly Human Hair Seem So High Maintenance?

erotic coil kinky curly hair virgin human hair

Kinky curly human hair is produced to mimic natural African American hair. There are different variants of kinky curly such as kinky curly and afro kinky curly. The difference between the two is simply the tightness of the curl pattern, with afro kinky curly having the tighter curl pattern. Like our natural hair, kinky curly textures require a lot of moisture. Without it your hair will ball up and die…literally. Since it is prone to tangle, keeping your hair moisturized will prevent it from doing so. How is Kinky Curly human hair processed? Kinky curly hair is chemically or steam...

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