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Benefits Of Wearing Natural Hair Extensions

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Nowadays more and more women are choosing to stop using chemicals such as perms and texturizers to go back to being completely natural. Relaxer sales have declined as many more women are embracing the natural texture of their hair. As the natural hair movement grows, so does the demand of natural hair extensions. Just a few years ago light yaki, coarse yaki, kinky straight, and kinky curly textures were not a hot commodity. Although these are not new textures they simply were not as popular. Most women preferred silkier textures such as Brazilian straight or wavy. Previously Brazilian textures were...

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Coloring Coarse Yaki and Light Yaki Textures: Is it safe?

coarse yaki colored hair coloring extensions hair care kinky bliss light yaki relaxed romance

Although beautiful, yaki textures are a special breed when it comes to human hair extensions. I often get a lot of maintenance questions when it comes to coarse yaki hair and light yaki hair. Truthfully I give the same tips when it comes to yaki textures that I give with virgin hair textures. It needs moisture, sealed wefts, and a good heat protectant. So what makes it special? Coarse yaki and light yaki textures are steamed processed for that beautiful coarse texture that we love. So when it comes to coloring them I am extra careful. They can be colored...

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Our Favorite Fall and Winter Virgin Hair Textures

coarse yaki human hair extensions light yaki relaxed romance virgin human hair

For most women virgin hair extensions are their main and most important accessory. We know that our serious hair extension wearers have a massive virgin hair stash. If they are anything like me they may also have favorite virgin hair textures for each season. For our virgin hair newbies we decided to give our suggestions on the best textures and styles to wear during the fall and winter seasons. Coarse Yaki Hair Coarse yaki hair is great for the fall and winter seasons. It is typically low maintenance and does not require a lot of moisture (like curly hair does)...

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5 Reasons to Wear Virgin Human Hair Extensions

coarse yaki deep curly hair erotic coil human hair extensions kinky bliss kinky curly hair light yaki posh curl relaxed romance virgin human hair

Virgin human hair extensions are very popular today among women and for a variety of reasons. Human hair extensions give women new flexibility in styling options that are also realistic and long lasting. In this article we will give you the top 5 reasons to wear virgin human hair extensions. Protective Hair Styling Virgin human hair extensions are a great way to protect your own hair from manipulation. I personally use virgin hair extensions to protect my hair from heat damage because I have a hard time staying away from heat styling. Protective styling with hair extensions can prevent heat damage,...

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Coarse Yaki and Light Yaki: What is the difference?

coarse yaki erotic coil human hair extensions kinky bliss kinky curly hair light yaki relaxed romance virgin human hair

                                  Textured hair extensions are more sought than ever especially with more women joining the natural hair movement. Many women that are new to wearing textured human hair extensions often want to know the difference between coarse yaki and light yaki. When it comes to deciding between the two it really boils down to how much texture you really want. It also depends on which texture will match your own natural hair. What is Light Yaki Human Hair? Light yaki is named appropriately because...

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