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Sealing wefts: Exactly how beneficial can it be?

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The most common form of weft available is the machine weft. Despite the fact that they are usually more durable as compared to hand tied wefts, it doesn't mean that they will be free from losing hair over time. Sealing wefts is an excellent technique to prolong the life on your virgin human hair investment. This method minimizes shedding as time passes by providing the wefts extra strengthening against regular deterioration. Just what does it mean to seal your wefts? “Sealing” wefts is completed precisely how it appears. Sealing wefts essentially implies strengthening the tracks on your virgin human hair...

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How To Save Thousands of Dollars By Maintaining Your Virgin Hair Extensions

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Let’s face it; virgin hair extensions are truly an investment. An install can cost anywhere from $300 to $1000 including the virgin hair extensions and paying a stylist for the service. That’s the ultimate reason why we offer premium, durable, and long lasting hair. Our premium virgin hair lasts for at least a year with proper maintenance. We don’t feel as if you should have to purchase new hair every time you want a new install. Virgin hair extensions should be able to be reused and through back to back installs. So let’s talk maintenance. Virgin Hair Is Human Hair...

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Virgin Human Hair Extensions: Should You Seal Your Wefts?

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Sealing wefts: How effective is it? The most popular type of weft on the market is machine wefts. Although they are typically sturdier than hand tied wefts, this does not mean that they are fool proof or exempt from shedding. Sealing wefts is a great way to extend the life of your virgin human hair purchase. It decreases shedding over time by giving your wefts additional reinforcement against normal wear and tear. What does sealing wefts mean? “Sealing” wefts is done exactly how it sounds. Sealing wefts simply means reinforcing your tracks on your virgin human hair extensions with fabric...

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