Three Things You Should Know Before Getting Human Hair Extensions

Virgin human hair extensions are becoming increasingly more popular among women from all different walks of life. There are many reasons that women opt to wear human hair extensions. Some women wear them as a protective style to decrease manipulation of their natural tresses. Some women wear virgin human hair extensions for the versatility and the ability to wear different styles, lengths, and textures. Lastly, some women choose to wear virgin human hair extensions due to irreversible conditions such as alopecia or hair loss due to treatments such as chemotherapy. Whatever your reason, it is important to be informed when choosing hair extensions. Below we have listed three things that you should consider and know before getting virgin human hair extensions. 

What type of attachment is the best for your hair?

Virgin human hair extensions are available in different types of attachment methods. The most common are wefts, wigs, and clip-ins. Wefts are available in two subtypes which are machine wefts and hand tied wefts. Machine wefts are considered the sturdier of the two due to them being made by machines and often being double wefted. However, hand tied wefts are thinner although they are not as strong as machine wefts and need careful maintenance. This type of attachment is normally used for sew-ins and upart wigs.

Just like wefts, there are also different types of wigs. The most popular types of wigs are lace front, glueless lace wig, full lace, and silk top. Here at Nicole Noire Premium Virgin Hair, you also have the option of having your wefts made into an upart wig. The right wig depends on your preference of attachment such as using lace glue or clips. This type of attachment is most popular among ladies who want no hair left out or ladies suffering alopecia or enduring chemotherapy.

Clip-ins are attached exactly as they sound, they are clipped in with your natural hair. These attachments look like machine wefts with clips sewn strategically across the weft for proper track placement. This type of hair extension is best suited for ladies that just want to add fullness and length to their natural hair.


Which style are you considering?

It is important to think about the style you would like when choosing hair extensions as some attachments are better than others depending on the style you are going for. As mentioned earlier, if you want to just add fullness and length, clip-ins would be the right choice for you. If you want to totally transform as far as your hair style then wefts or a wig would be suitable. If you want to wear your human hair extensions for an extended period of time then wefts may be best for you. Depending upon your style of choice you have several options as far as attachment goes.


Which texture should I choose?

The virgin human hair extension industry has evolved as far as textures go. There are several different textures to choose from. Textures range from straight, wavy, to curly and from silky to coarse. You have to ask yourself about the look you are going for. Do you want a silky texture or a more natural looking texture? It is also important to ask questions about textures that you have no experience with such as, how long does it hold a curl, does it poof after a certain amount of time, and does it have the ability to be straightened or curled. You should also ask which hair type the texture was designed to mimic to get an idea of how well the texture would match your natural hair.

Virgin human hair extensions are a viable and practical style option and solution for many women. We hope that this article could help narrow down some of the many choices among virgin human hair extensions. For newbies it may seem like a lot to learn and we hope we covered the basic things one should consider about choosing the right hair extensions.  

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