The Secret To Making Your Virgin Deep Curly Human Hair Pop!

Ladies we all love the look of the luscious virgin deep curly human hair extensions but let’s face it; for those of us that are inexperienced with deep curly hair we find that it may be difficult to keep those beautiful ringlets looking gorgeous. Well don’t fret we have the perfect suggestion and routine to keep your curls popping. And you won’t have to break the bank on products to do it.

Our secret to beautiful bouncy curls is actually not so secret. Plopping is a technique that has been used for a long time and it is very effective in giving those beautiful bouncy curls. Not only will your curls be beautiful but they will look this way all day. This technique is often used among women who have naturally curly type 3 hair but we are going to demonstrate it using human hair extensions.

To implement this technique you will need a microfiber towel or a regular old t-shirt. First you will need to wet or dampen your human hair extensions with plain water. Then you will need to moisturize your hair with the conditioner of your choice. To moisturize, apply the conditioner and use a Denman brush to brush it in thoroughly throughout your hair extensions. Next apply a small amount of argan oil to your hair and brush it in with your Denman brush. This will seal the moisture into your curls. Lastly pile your curls onto the top of your head and wrap with your towel or t-shirt. Remove towel after about 20 minutes and allow your hair to air-dry.

Plopping your hair extensions has a few benefits. It will allow your hair to semi-dry in a scrunched state which will cut the drying time tremendously. It also gives those beautiful ringlets that we all love. If you were to wet your hair extensions and let it hang to dry, your curls would not be as defined due to gravity and the weight of the dripping water. By plopping you will eliminate this problem because your hair will semi dry in a scrunched state rather than just hanging. To see a visual of how to plop your hair please view the video below. Happy Plopping!


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