Our Favorite Fall and Winter Virgin Hair Textures

For most women virgin hair extensions are their main and most important accessory. We know that our serious hair extension wearers have a massive virgin hair stash. If they are anything like me they may also have favorite virgin hair textures for each season. For our virgin hair newbies we decided to give our suggestions on the best textures and styles to wear during the fall and winter seasons.

Coarse Yaki Hair

Coarse yaki hair is great for the fall and winter seasons. It is typically low maintenance and does not require a lot of moisture (like curly hair does) so you won’t have to wear wet hair in the dead of the winter. Coarse yaki is also preferred in the fall and winter more so than the summer because it is very textured and could be very hot during the summer whereas the texture won’t bother you in cold weather.

Light Yaki & Virgin Straight Hair

Light yaki hair and any virgin straight texture can be worn year round but they are also a favorite for this time of year. Light yaki is lightly textured so not very heavy. Virgin straight hair is very low maintenance and easy to style. Again they do not require much moisture which is a plus during this time of year. All of these textures are available in a variety of virgin hair origins such as Brazilian and Eurasian.

All of these virgin hair textures can be colored to any color of your choice. Our favorite fall hair colors are the classic jet black, deep reds, chocolate, and warm honey brown. These colors are perfect for fall and can all be achieved without bleaching. So ladies now that we have given you our recommendations; it’s time to get your hair slayed for the remainder of the winter season.  

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