Best Virgin Hair Textures for Spring and Summer

The spring season is rapidly approaching and it’s time to choose virgin hair for spring and summer installs. These seasons are our favorite. It is a time where you can be bold, different and daring….with your hair. It’s also a time to have fun and express yourself with your hair. That’s why we decided to give you our top virgin hair textures to rock during the spring and summer.

Curls and Coils

Virgin curly hair is great to wear during the spring and summer. It’s easy to maintain due to its wet and go abilities. As long as you keep it moisturized it will look beautiful and healthy. Whether it’s loose curly, deep curly, or kinky curly it will surely thrive in warm weather with just moisture. With a good routine that includes moisture you can never go wrong.

Beautiful Waves

Virgin wavy hair is also a great choice for the warm spring and summer seasons. Just like curly hair, it has amazing wet and go abilities. There are several different wave patterns on the market such as deep wave and natural wave. Wavy textures also hold a curl very well. If you decide to straighten and wand or flexi rod it, you will have beautiful bouncy curls for days.

Classic Virgin Straight Hair

Virgin straight hair can be worn year round including spring and summer. It is a classic texture because it has so much versatility. For the summer months this texture is commonly used for the popular bob. A virgin straight bob is perfect for warm weather because it is a lightweight short style, just what is needed in hot weather!

These textures are our top recommendations for spring and summer hair installs. They are easy to maintain and the most comfortable to wear in hot weather. So take your pick and get a jumpstart on your virgin hair texture for the upcoming season!


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