Celeb Look Of The Week

So here at Nicole Noire we occasionally like to post celeb looks of the week. These are the celebs whose style (both hair and fashion) we admire. Our chosen celeb this week is Solange Knowles. Her style is truly unique and fearless and she makes it all her own.

We could follow Solange from her days of braids back when her sister Beyonce was apart of Destiny's Child to now, but she has really been making headlines in the fashion industry recently. There have been both positive and negative sentiments (mainly about her gorgeous natural hair) but Solange always seems unbothered. We personally love her natural look whether she has hair extensions or not and commend her for rocking her natural tresses. Her natural afro kinky hair has been her signature look lately and we love it!

Of course Solange's look can be achieved with your own natural hair but if you want the full looks above they can be achieved with a kinky curly texture. Kinky curly hair is also an alternative for the ladies who are relaxed but want a temporary natural look. Kinky curly hair extensions have the look and feel of natural hair and is maintained with moisture just like our own natural tresses. Our Erotic Coil texture would be a perfect match for the looks above and we also give tips on how to maintain it. 

With the natural hair trend continuously growing, it certainly is a breath of fresh air to see our natural hair texture being captured in the media and on some of the celebs that we admire. It has certainly been underrepresented in the past. We hope that Solange keeps it up but in our eyes she will always be a true fashionista!

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