Coloring Virgin Hair Extensions: To bleach or not to bleach?

We all love to add color to our virgin hair extensions especially when the weather starts to warm up. Spring and summer is definitely a good time to experiment with different colors and hues and go lighter on our hair extensions. I mean, we want to not only look beautiful we want to have fun with our virgin hair as well. But some wonder if it is a good idea to risk damaging your hair extensions by coloring them. Well there are a few things to consider and we will discuss them in this article

Is it Safe to Color Virgin Hair Extensions?

In my experience with virgin hair yes it is safe to color them. As long as the hair is truly virgin and truly human, you should have no issues as far as coloring it. I will say that if you have no experience with coloring hair extensions it is best to seek out a professional. While there are some amazing YouTube tutorials on coloring virgin hair, the results are not guaranteed as most of the vloggers are not professionals themselves. So if there is any doubt, hire a professional licensed stylist to dye your virgin hair extensions for you.

Will Bleach Damage My Virgin Hair Extensions?

Bleach is commonly used to lighten the color of hair. It is virtually impossible to get the blondes, reds, purples, blues, and greys without using some bleach. Even those hair colors that advertise getting these colors without bleach have the same ingredients that is used in bleach. If used incorrectly, bleach can be damaging to both your real hair and virgin hair extensions. It is very important to follow the directions on the packaging and keep an eye on your hair during the bleaching process. High quality virgin human hair extensions are able to withstand the bleaching process without drying out. 

When Is It Safe To Use To Use Bleach On My Virgin Hair Extensions?

If you wish to color your hair, bleach should only be used on healthy virgin human hair extensions. High quality virgin human hair should lift without a problem. The cuticles should be aligned and intact (remy). Inspect the ends of the hair to make sure that they are not dry and splitting. Be sure to ask these important questions when purchasing hair especially if you plan to color it.

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