How To Save Thousands of Dollars By Maintaining Your Virgin Hair Extensions

Let’s face it; virgin hair extensions are truly an investment. An install can cost anywhere from $300 to $1000 including the virgin hair extensions and paying a stylist for the service. That’s the ultimate reason why we offer premium, durable, and long lasting hair. Our premium virgin hair lasts for at least a year with proper maintenance. We don’t feel as if you should have to purchase new hair every time you want a new install. Virgin hair extensions should be able to be reused and through back to back installs. So let’s talk maintenance.

Virgin Hair Is Human Hair

Virgin hair is human hair and should be treated as such. It should be washed and conditioned on a regular basis; at least once a week. Without a proper wash regime virgin hair can become lifeless and start to behave uncharacteristically due to dirt and product build up.

Use Heat In Moderation

When using heat styling tools, be sure to use a heat protectant. A heat protectant will prevent the hair from breaking and also prevent split ends because again virgin hair is human hair. Although virgin hair can be styled with heat we don’t recommend heat styling every day. Curls can be achieved without using heat as well such as with flexi-rods or even Bantu knots.

Color Needs Moisture

If you decide to color your virgin hair extensions be sure to moisturize. Just like with our own hair the coloring process dries out hair extensions. There are different ways to moisturize such as a deep condition or a quick co-wash. We don’t recommend using a lot of oils because they tend to weigh down the hair and we know that you want your virgin hair full of body!

Seal your Wefts

To protect your wefts we recommend sealing them. Sealing your wefts will prevent shedding over time due to normal wear and tear. There are quite a few weft sealants on the market but Dritz and Aleene’s fabric glue (can be found at Wal-Mart) also works just fine for sealing wefts.

As you can see taking care of your virgin hair extensions is not rocket science. These tips are some steps that you may already be used to because you already practice these routines with your own natural hair. We just want you to enjoy and reuse your virgin hair extensions!

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