Coloring Coarse Yaki and Light Yaki Textures: Is it safe?

Although beautiful, yaki textures are a special breed when it comes to human hair extensions. I often get a lot of maintenance questions when it comes to coarse yaki hair and light yaki hair. Truthfully I give the same tips when it comes to yaki textures that I give with virgin hair textures. It needs moisture, sealed wefts, and a good heat protectant.

So what makes it special? Coarse yaki and light yaki textures are steamed processed for that beautiful coarse texture that we love. So when it comes to coloring them I am extra careful. They can be colored though and it is safe. I have lightened yaki hair with and without bleach and achieved the same beautiful results. My favorite hair coloring products for coarse yaki and light yaki hair is the Loreal Hi-Color Hilights. It does not contain bleach but it will still lift the hair without a problem.

When coloring yaki textures be sure to use a timer and have a watchful eye. You don’t want to leave the color on for too long and ruin the hair. If there is any doubt like always I recommend hiring a professional stylist to color the hair for you. So have fun, be adventurous, and start picking out your new hair color!

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