3 Helpful Tips For Using Got2B Glued

3 Helpful Tips For Using Got2B Glued

If you have been doing research on lace frontals and lace wigs, you have probably heard of a product called Got2B glued. If not, here’s a brief synopsis of the product. Got2B glued is a gel that has a very strong hold. It was originally created for strong hold styles such as spikes. Got2b glued has become very popular among lace frontal and lace wig wearers alike. The reason it is so coveted is because of its ability to safely adhere a lace product to the skin. I personally prefer the Got2B glued method over any other because it holds for just the amount of time that I need it to. Also, because it is a hair product, I don’t have to worry about it ripping out my edges if I accidentally get in into my own hair. The gel holds until I’m ready to take of my wig, and all I need is some water to remove it.

Since I have been using Got2B glued for my wigs and frontals I have learned a few things along the way. While the gel is my favorite product, there are some things that should be shared so that you can get the optimal use out of it. That is what this blog post is all about.

Tip #1 A little goes a long way

This tip is self-explanatory. You only need a small amount of the gel to achieve your goal. To adhere your wig to your hairline, apply in two thin layers (blow dry each layer on cool setting). If you use too much of the gel it will turn white. Trust me a white, caked up hairline will ruin your look.

Tip #2 Apply gel before applying makeup

I think I should reiterate this tip. Apply gel BEFORE applying makeup. The gel does not mix with the makeup at all in fact it will turn white. I want to also go a little further and say to let the gel set and dry before applying your makeup. What I usually do is apply my wig using the gel, tie my hair down for 30 minutes to a few hours (depending on how much time I have to spare) and then apply makeup.

Tip #3 Tie hair down for at least 30-45 minutes

Tie your edges and hairline down for at least 30-45 minutes. This is usually enough time for the gel to dry. However, the longer you are able to tie your hair down the longer your wig will hold. Tying your hair down for the minimum amount of time will give a you a full day’s hold. If you are able to tie your hair down over night you can get a few days to a full week’s hold from your application. All you need is water to remove your wig.

Hopefully this blog post can help when attempting to use the Got2B glued product for the first time on your lace frontal or wig. Even with these minor nuances, this product is still my favorite for applying lace wigs and lace frontals. For any additional questions be sure to contact us at info@nicolenoire.com


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