4 Things You Should NEVER Do To Curly Hair



Virgin curlies are simply gorgeous. A full head of thick perfectly tousled ringlets can surely make anyone drool. As tempting as they are to some women, it is a hard decision to make if you simply haven’t figured out a routine on how to take care of those curls to keep them looking scrumptious. Maintaining beautiful virgin curly hair is truly an art. Learning to maintain it involves research, trial and error, and a lot of practice. We have tried to make it easier by listing 5 things that you must NEVER do to virgin curly hair.

Don’t Over Shampoo                                                

Unfortunately curly hair is naturally dry. While shampoo cleanses the hair it also strips it of moisture. Without moisture curly hair is lifeless. It also does not function correctly if it doesn’t have enough. Lack of moisture causes breakage and tangling. Therefore we recommend co-washing rather than regular shampooing. Good rules of thumb that we like to suggest is co-wash once a week and shampoo every 3 to 4 weeks.

Don’t Be Afraid of Product

We know that a lot of you have probably been told not to use product on curly hair. Well in our quest to find the perfect regime for virgin curly hair we found that just spraying with water did not work as well. What we did find is that while too much product can potentially be harmful, some product can actually be helpful. What we recommend for curly hair is a little conditioner, argan oil, and water used daily actually makes those pretty ringlets stay pretty. It also prevents tangling because it keeps the hair moisturized all day.

Don’t Dry Brush or Comb Curly Hair

We always tell women to never try to manipulate curly hair when it is dry. If so it will be a nightmare we assure you. We recommend that you do all styling while the hair is damp or wet. Use a Denman brush not a regular brush to brush the hair. Never ever ever use a comb on curly hair. We guarantee you that a comb will cause unnecessary breakage.

Don’t Sleep With Your Curls Unprotected

And finally make sure to protect your curls overnight. There are several ways to do this but our favorite is called plopping. We have an instructional video here at this link https://youtu.be/7-8BBlP5SQE. This is a sure fire way to make sure you protect those curls and that they are popping when you wake up in the morning. An alternative way to protect your hair overnight is simply braiding it into jumbo braids or twists. This will prevent tangling in the morning. Ladies we assure you that if you follow these tips your virgin curly hair will last a long time!

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