Three Ways to Install a Lace Frontal

Lace frontals are now a common household name within the hair extension community.  The main reasons that they have become so popular are the versatility that they give to installs and they are a good protective option for natural hair. There are several options for installing a lace frontal.  If you are considering a lace frontal for your next install we have compiled several installation methods that you can use to achieve that perfect style.

Sew in

Just like lace closures, lace frontals can be sewn in during installation. This method is common for the ladies that prefer the security of a sew in over a wig. We have mostly seen this done with the frontal being sewn behind the hairline but a skilled stylist should be able to sew a frontal in with no hair left out in front of the hairline as well.


Just like lace wigs, lace frontals can be bonded. If you are familiar with lace wigs it is the exact same concept as the frontal would be bonded (or glued) in front of the hairline. It is important to remember to avoid getting any of the adhesive on your own hair as it is meant to be bonded to your skin.


With a lace frontal you can also make your own custom lace frontal wig. I know you’re probably thinking, why not just buy a lace wig? Many ladies utilize this option because not only do they have the convenience of a wig but they are also totally in control of the customization. They don’t have to worry about density issues of ventilation issues. Lace frontal wigs can be made using dome caps or weaving caps. The frontal is typically sewn to the cap first and then the wefts are added.

With a lace frontal there are no blending issues and the styling options are endless! These methods are all safe with proper maintenance. Everyone has different preferences so we encourage you to consider the style you are looking to achieve and what you think would be the most viable solution for you. Either way we say go for it because we know you’ll be flawless!

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