Hair Preferences: Lace frontal or lace wig?


Lately we’ve been getting a lot of questions about lace frontals and lace wigs. Why do some women prefer one over the other? We have certainly had plenty of experience sourcing and wearing both so we consider ourselves qualified to elaborate on their differences. Whichever you choose as a favorite depends on you but we can tell you that they both can produce beautiful installs.

Lace Wigs

So let’s start with the lace wig. As many of you know there are two different types: the lace front wig or the full lace wig. These wigs are already made for you. The main difference is that the full lace wig is 100% hand knotted and ventilated while the lace front wig has between 3-5 inches of parting space (depending on the manufacturer) which is made of lace and the rest of the wig is wefted in the back.

These wigs can sometimes come styled as well depending on the seller. Or as an alternative you can have a professional stylist cut, color, and customize to your liking. Full lace wigs also give you full styling freedom due to their ability to be parted anywhere.

Lace Frontals

Here is the main reason that we find some women prefer to make their own lace wigs with a lace frontal and bundles of virgin hair extensions: density, density, density. What is density? In lamen terms density is the amount of hair contained in a wig. When making your own wig you have full control over density. You can add as much hair or use a little hair as you want. While this can be done with a lace wig by placing a custom order, there is no guarantee that the density will be 100% to your liking because the manufacturer has no way to tell which amount of density is best for head in particular.

In a nutshell both lace wigs and lace frontals can achieve your expectations of a beautiful, natural install. Whether you prefer a lace frontal, full lace wig, or lace front wig depends entirely upon you and your specific needs and wants. Keep in mind lace frontals can also be used in a sew-in installation as well. Weigh the pros and cons ladies and always we’re here to help. Simply shoot us an email at so that we can assist you with choosing your next style!

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