How to Bring Your Old Virgin Hair Back to Life

How to Bring Your Old Virgin Hair Back to Life

Do you have some old virgin hair laying around that you would love to reuse? I’m talking about Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, or even Cambodian or Indian hair. Does it look dry or feel brittle to the touch? There are ways that you can bring it back to life so that it looks and styles just like fresh bundles. Keep reading so that I can help you get your life!

There are several ways that you can revive your old virgin hair. The first step is a good old-fashioned deep condition. Whether you have bundles or a wig, soaking it in conditioner will greatly improve the state of the hair. A deep condition is simple. What I like to do is saturate the hair with conditioner, then sit it in a little bit of water in my sink overnight. You do not need much water. Just enough to cover the bottom of your sink. After I let the hair sit overnight, I rinse the conditioner out and let the hair air dry.

So, I know that the next question is, what kind of conditioner is best? I have tried quite a few conditioners, so I will give you my top 5 favorites.

  1. Herbal Essence Hello Hydration – I use this one for all of my straight textures. Kinky Bliss, Relaxed Romance, Simply Sleek, and Brazilian Straight from the Caprice Collection. This is my favorite conditioner for my straight hair textures.
  2. Herbal Essence Totally Twisted – This one is my favorite for wavy and curly textures. I use it on the Posh Curl, Cascade, body wave, and deep wave from the Caprice Collection. It is good for maximum curl definition. It leaves the hair super moisturized and smelling good as well.
  3. Aussie Moist Conditioner – You can use this conditioner for any hair texture. I especially like to use it on my 613 blonde color hair. This conditioner really moisturizes blonde hair which tends to be on the dry side. It may seem like this conditioner leaves a film while the hair is wet but trust me when the hair dries it will look brand new!
  4. Dove hair conditioner – Dove is really good for silky textures like virgin straight and body wave.
  5. Organix coconut milk conditioner – I sometimes like to use this conditioner for my natural hair textures like Kinky Bliss, Relaxed Romance, and Erotic Coil. It is a little too heavy for silky textures in my opinion, but it works well for textured hair.

What if a deep condition does not work?

What if a regular deep condition does not work? Luckily you have a few more options. Sometimes old virgin hair just needs all of the product buildup removed from it. This is where a clarifying shampoo will be your best option. Clarifying shampoo strips the hair of oil and dirt. Unfortunately, it will also strip the hair of moisture so be sure to follow up with a good conditioner. The clarifying shampoo that I recommend Is V05. It is a cheapie but goodie and can be found in Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens.

My old virgin hair is tangled, what should I do?

If you have old virgin hair that is tangled, I recommend using Silicon Mix. Silicon Mix actually contains silicones as the name suggests but it is great for hair extensions and wigs that are tangled. What you will need to do is wash the hair as you normally would and then apply a generous amount of Silicon Mix conditioner to the hair. Then place the bundles or wig in a Ziploc bag and microwave for one minute (trust me it’s safe). Once done rinse out the conditioner. Your hair will come out soft as butter. If the hair is installed then wash your hair, apply the Silicon Mix, then sit under the dryer for fifteen minutes.

Virgin hair is an investment, so it is best to get all the wear you can out of it. It is also human, so even if it is old, it can still be revived with a little TLC. The steps above will definitely make your virgin hair extensions feel new again.


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