How To Do A Glueless Wig Install Like A Pro!

How To Do A Glueless Wig Install Like A Pro!

Ladies I am back! This is a highly requested post and I thought it was important that we talk about installing your wig at home, especially with social distancing being a must in these times. Yes it is easy for you to do a glueless wig install in your home, especially if you are purchasing one of our wig units, because they are already fully customized. All you have to do is put it on!

The method that you are about to learn is pretty popular already, but over time I have learned how to simplify it even more. You only need one hair product...Got2be glued Freeze Blasting Spray. Yes the one in the yellow can. It can be purchased at WalMart or any beauty supply store near you.

Step 1

To start you will need to clean your hairline and forehead with 91% alcohol. Make sure to clean thoroughly to remove oils, makeup, and any other product from your skin. If you skip this step, your lace wig will not stick. I use cotton rounds to wipe my forehead but you can use whatever is available to you.

Step 2

Next, place your wig on your head. Be sure to adjust it to where you want it to sit. Then lightly spray your skin under the lace. Use only a small amount of spray. If you use too much, the Got2be glued will turn white. Remember a little goes a long way.

Step 3

After you finish spraying, blow dry on the COOL setting for 5 seconds. If you use the warm setting your lace wig will not stick. After blow drying, use a rat tail comb to stick the wig down. Do not attempt to stick your wig down with your fingers. They will stick to your lace and once the spray is tacky it turns white when touched with your fingers. Then blow dry the area again, while simultaneously holding it down with the comb for ten more seconds. Once you complete these steps your wig will be stuck and secure.

I recommend completing the steps 2 and 3 in sections. For instance, do the side (near your ear), then your forehead, then the other side. Remember use a small amount of spray. If you spray too much, the Got2be glued will turn white. Check out the video below for a visual of how I do these steps in my own home and please subscribe to our YouTube Channel at Nicolenoirehair.

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