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How To Rid Your Virgin Hair Extensions Of Product Buildup

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Do you notice that over time your virgin hair extensions feel greasy, weighed down, or lifeless. Does you hair start to misbehave and feel heavy all of a sudden? Does it start to look and feel limp? If so, then your problem is most likely that your virgin hair is full of product buildup. Where does Product Buildup Come From? Product buildup occurs when we use products on our hair over time. The types of products that can cause product buildup, are holding sprays, moisturizers, mousses, gels, and even chlorine and chemicals from swimming pools. Some shampoos and conditioners can...

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Introducing our Caprice Collection!

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              Here at Nicole Noire we pride ourselves on having something that every woman is looking for. But we checked our catalog and realized that women also look for affordability. Although our Premium Collection is priced accordingly we decided to add, high quality affordable human hair extensions to our product catalog. Like our Premium Collection we sourced beautiful high quality, cuticle aligned virgin hair extensions to add to our Caprice Collection.           We also added a variety of textures that women will love because we all like versatility with human hair extensions. This collection includes straight, wavy, deep wavy, wavy/curly,...

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Virgin Human Hair Extensions: Should You Seal Your Wefts?

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Sealing wefts: How effective is it? The most popular type of weft on the market is machine wefts. Although they are typically sturdier than hand tied wefts, this does not mean that they are fool proof or exempt from shedding. Sealing wefts is a great way to extend the life of your virgin human hair purchase. It decreases shedding over time by giving your wefts additional reinforcement against normal wear and tear. What does sealing wefts mean? “Sealing” wefts is done exactly how it sounds. Sealing wefts simply means reinforcing your tracks on your virgin human hair extensions with fabric...

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Best Products for Virgin Human Hair Extensions

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Are you using trial and error to maintain your virgin human hair extensions? When transitioning over to authentic virgin human hair, you may find that you have a lot to learn about basic maintenance. Back in the days when I shopped exclusively at my local beauty supply for hair extensions, maintaining my extensions was not a primary concern because I knew that no matter what I did I would only get a month tops wear out of my extensions. In my quest to find real virgin human hair, I also found that I had a lot to learn about how...

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