What does the term "Yaki" really mean in the hair industry?

I embarked on a conversation with a young lady a few days ago about the term "Yaki." She had been previously led to believe that yaki hair was synonymous with a low quality synthetic blend of hair. When I asked her how she had come to that conclusion, she said, "Because that's what I get when I ask for yaki hair at my local beauty." I asked her if a store clerk gave her that information and she said, "No. But everyone knows that they even though they say it's 100% human hair it really isn't."

Much to my surprise, I found that a lot of women felt this way. They believe that virgin hair is human and yaki textured hair is not. In all actuality, they are both human hair, well at least private label yaki hair textures are. In the virgin hair industry "Yaki" hair simply means coarse. Yaki hair is also available in different degrees of coarseness which range from coarse yaki to light yaki. For our Naturalistas, we offer our Kinky Bliss texture, which is a coarse yaki texture designed to match freshly blown out natural African American hair. This hair texture makes it easy for the ladies who are natural or transitioning to blend their bundles of hair in with their own tresses.

For our ladies that are relaxed we offer our Relaxed Romance texture, a light yaki hair texture that is designed to matched freshly relaxed African American hair. Unlike with some of the silkier hair textures on the market, blending is not an issue. While both textures are processed, our signature designs are processed using only the highest quality raw virgin hair to ensure maximum durability and longevity. 

While the term "Yaki" has a questionable reputation in the commercial hair extension industry, it is very sought after in the virgin hair extension industry. Many of our counter parts desire hair extensions that match their own natural hair texture, hence the need for coarse yaki and light yaki hair. We are proud to serve our Naturalistas and relaxed beauties and hoped that this article could dispel any myths about natural textured hair extensions.

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