Why Lace Quality Matters on Lace Front Wigs and Lace Frontals

Why Lace Quality Matters on Lace Front Wigs and Lace Frontals

Have you ever bought a lace front wig or frontal that did not look realistic no matter how much work you put into it? Or perhaps the hair was nice, but the grids were large and impossible to hide. Not only does hair quality make a break lace wigs and lace frontals, but if cheap lace is used it will break your entire look. This also applies to closures as well.

For best results, you should always use a lace front wig or hair piece with thin lace. This can be either Swiss or French lace (we prefer Swiss) but it needs to be thin. Thin lace melts into the skin to give that undetectable look that we are all striving for. Unfortunately, you may not be able to find this high-quality lace in beauty supply brands.

Many beauty supply store brands claim to use a soft lace material, although they don’t go into detail about what kind of “lace” is used. Many times, the “lace” feels hard and even plastic like. This makes the lace hard to disguise and often times the only way to hide the lace is to use an excessive amount of baby hairs.

One of our favorite ways to make our lace wigs, closures, and frontals undetectable is to bleach knots. Unfortunately, this proves to be nearly impossible with poor quality lace. Lace wigs with inferior lace quality most often times have poor quality hair. When you find that your knots are difficult to bleach it could be due to one of two reasons; either the hair is not human or, if the hair is human it has been dyed with fabric dye. Hair that has been dyed with fabric dye is impossible to lift with bleach. Remember that the knots on a lace wig or frontal is simply hand tied hair. When we bleach them, we are lightening them to make them less visible.

When shopping around for lace frontals and wigs make sure to ask what kind of lace is used. Many online hair boutiques will be able to give you these details. This question is hard for beauty supply store associates to answer because many beauty supply store brands simply do not disclose this information. You will also get very different results with a frontal or wig that doesn’t have thin lace. We can guarantee from experience that it will be harder to disguise. So, to save time and a headache we suggest that you do your research and be sure to ask this very important question.



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