Chic Bob Upart
Chic Bob Upart

Chic Bob Upart

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Step up your versatility with this Chic Bob. This upart wig was designed to be worn either straight or curly. The angled cut gives you an edgy look. It has a small "U" shaped opening to allow for minimal leaveout and easy blending.

Please note:


Density: This "U" Part is made with 2 bundles of natural straight hair. However base pricing includes 3 bundles. If you want a fuller look and want more than 3 bundles, please select the option for additional bundles.

Style: Please select whether you would like your wig straight or curled. Your wig will be shipped in ready to wear condition.

Color: This wig color is the natural brown color. However it can be dyed to jet black or natural black by choosing the coloring option.

Measuring: PLEASE PROPERLY MEASURE YOUR HEAD BEFORE ORDERING. This upart wig is available in standard small, medium, and large cap sizes. Please measure your head before placing your order.  

Attachment: This wig can be attached either using combs or sewn down.  Please select whether you would like combs.