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Wig Customization

Wig Customization

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We now offer wig customizaton options. You will now be able to have your knots bleached, hairline altered, and more!

Hairline alteration

Wig hairline alteration is the thinning or plucking of hairs from the hairline to achieve a more natural look. This alteration can only be executed using a generic method and cannot be created to mimic your individual actual hairline.

Bleached Knots

Since the lace of lace frontals and closures vary in shade, they cannot be expected to bleach any specific color/shade. Please be mindful of this when choosing this option and keep your expectations of the outcome reasonable. Nicole Noire utilizes the same technique to bleach the knots of all lace closures and lace frontals however, results will vary after bleaching.

Tinted Lace

Nicole Noire uses Rit Dye to tint the lace on all lace frontals and closures, no exceptions. Please make sure that you are not allergic to any of it's ingredients prior to selecting this service. Allergic reactions to fabric/textile dye are rare but have been know to occur. If you know the specific shade for your skin, please include it in the notes section of your order. If you are unsure you will be required to send in a recent, well lit photo of yourself. Please be mindful that even with a photo there is no way for us to tint the lace to match your exact skin color.




This unit is 100% virgin human hair. It can be washed, colored, and styled with heat. It also has thin, high quality transparent lace for a flawless melt.

Shipping & Returns

Care Instructions

1. Cowash or shampoo your wig/hair as needed. Let your wig/hair air dry overnight.

2. Use a Denman brush or vent brush on your wig or extensions. Never use a fine toothed comb.

3. Use clarifying shampoo to get rid of product buildup.

4. Lastly, subscribe to us on YouTube for instructional videos on how to maintain your wig/hair. YouTube Channel: Nicolenoirehair

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